Fixing the Water-Energy-Nutrient problem on-site also addresses global crises like Climate Change and Water Scarcity. Design or restructure your buildings to have big effects on your security as well as the global climate situation!

More great products that address the Energy and Climate issue:

  • Solar Design
  • Hydrologic RAM Pumps
  • Natural Swimming Pools
  • Micro-Hydro Power
  • Bio Char Photovoltaics
  • Aquaponics
  • Living Machines

Energy and Water are inextricably linked. Our water usage consumes large amounts of energy in pumping and treatment about 15% to 20% in California. Our energy usage consumes large amounts of water to cool power plants, about one-third of U.S. freshwater.

Nutrients are the third part of the equation – Power plants don’t only waste freshwater, they contaminate freshwater with nitrogen, resulting in acid rain and algal blooms. Nitrogen fertilizer is made out of natural gas instead of manure. Manure and Sewage contaminate more water and are expensive to treat.

Couple Solar Design, Grid-Tie photovoltaics, Water Recycling, and Low Impact Development and you may be shocked to see that sustainability is approachable to all, with system designs that save money over time.